ONLY $45

Formulated with a decadent blend of Extra Virgin Coconut oil, anti-oxidants, fruit extracts, silicon blend and a rejuvenating botanical complex, The Ultimate Moisture Mist has quickly found itself as a staple in the make-up bags of the pros.



ONLY $55

After years in the laboratory, combining the most advanced ingredients to create a multi-functioning product that delivers ultimate and immediate results, Lisa Ashley introduces The Ultimate Eyecream. A truly groundbreaking beauty product with some of the most advanced and innovative features in the cosmetics industry.


Our Clients Love Us

Jaime Pressly
Actress/Star of My Name is Earl and Teenage Daughter
"Lisa Ashley's eye cream is the best thing to ever happen to my eyes and my make up! It gets rid of the puffy circles I wake up with from allergies every morning and before I go into make up for my show. It fills in all the cracks and wrinkles so that my make up goes on smoothly and it helps keep my under eye skin moisturized so my make up stays fresh and dewy. It is by far the most incredible eye cream I've ever used and I never go anywhere without it!"
Michael Waltrip
2x Nascar Champion
"Lisa Ashley was my make-up artist for the show Fast Track to Fame. I complained about getting dark under my eyes because I was working a lot. I just want to say that, from the first time Lisa put her Ultimate Eye cream on me, I was hooked! I couldn’t get enough of it! It took away the dark and because it's not make-up I can use it everyday. The roller ball really felt great too! "
Heather Locklear
"I wear Lisa’s Ultimate Eyecream all over my face to brighten and moisturize"
Wendie Malick
Actress/Star of the hit show Hot In Cleveland
"Lisa Ashley's eye cream ritual is like a little luxury spa treatment for my eyeballs. Love that cool roller ball applicator!"
Terry Bradshaw
4x Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers
"I can't believe that I'm actually admitting to this (because I'm a man's man) but… I do use Lisa Ashley's Eye cream and Spray Moisturizer and I LOVE IT!!!"
Jillian Barberie Reynolds
On air personality on Good Day LA
"Lisa Ashley’s The Ultimate Eyecream is my most sought after new product…a day doesn't go by that I’m not asked about it, when I’m not on camera I only wear a tinted moisturizer and Lisa’s Eyecream…I'm obsessed!!!"