The Ultimate Moisturizer


The Ultimate Moisture Mist is Formulated with a decadent blend of Extra Virgin Coconut oil, anti-oxidants, fruit extracts, silicon blend and a rejuvenating botanical complex, The Ultimate Moisture Mist has quickly found itself as a staple in the make-up bags of the pros.


Infused with the essence of botanicals including aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, and cucumber, all of which are rejuvenating and natural healing agents, the therapeutic aromas will indulge all your senses.


Choose from two scents, Cucumber Lime & Yuzu Bergamot.

The Ultimate Eyecream
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Restores Radiance:
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is high in Anti Oxidants… moisturizes, nourishes and promotes healing, while penetrating into layers of skin, strengthening underlying tissues.

Youthful Appearance:
The Silicone Blend diffuses lines and pores without greasiness giving your skin a smooth healthy glow.

All Natural Japanese Green Tea and Restveratol provide essential anti-inflammatory properties.

Smooth and Condition:
A refreshing burst of “super fruit” extracts imported from the Australian rainforest provide the ultimate smooth and conditioned skin.

Heal & Rejuvenate:
Our Botanical Complex is formulated with a luxurious blend of Aloe, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and Nettle, creating an effortless state of calming bliss.

Paraben Free

Choose from 2 Scents…

Cucumber Lime: Adds calming and soothing benefits.

Yuzu (Asian fruit) Bergamot: Adds hydrating, brightening, revitalizing benefits.



The Ultimate Moisture Mist is specifically designed to complement all other types of skin care and make-up. Just like the movies are made with many moving parts and different techniques and procedures at every step, applying make-up can be very similar. It can take years of practice to find that right look. Since The Ultimate Moisture Mist is multi functioning and a combination of many products in one, it frees up time and allows you to experiment using it as your primer, in your foundations, loose powders, bronzer, gel liners and much more,  become a pro overnight.

Share the love! Let us know what you used and your application method to create the Ultimate combination. Don’t forget to check out Lisa’s expert tips!

Who is it for?

  • For Men and Women
  • All Ages and Skin Types
  • Oily skin: Light and non-greasy
  • Normal/Dry skin: Seamlessly incorporate in to your daily regime.

Tips & Application:

Use before application of your foundation or…
Spray directly in to your foundation (Pro Tip)

Mist on your make up sponge or Beauty Blender instead of water. (Pro Tip)

The Silicon Blend acts as a primer to diffuse lines and pores. Allowing make up to go on smoother and stay on longer.

Apply after your make-up for that perfect finishing touch.

Spritz yourself throughout the day to hydrate tired skin and maintain that refreshing, healthy and youthful glow (Pro Tip)

Who in their right mind would not want to have a youthful healthy glow!?

Apply to your face, body and hair for moisturizing and lasting radiance. (Pro Tip)

Be sure to spray it on your neck as well! Possibly the most overlooked area that can quickly show signs of ageing due to very thin and delicate skin.

Apply after any exfoliating treatment, chemical peel or laser treatment for instant healing and soothing relief.

Apply during air travel to refresh and hydrate. (Pro Tip)

Step off the plane on to the red carpet.

Use on your hair as a leave in conditioner. (Pro Tip)

Pro hairstylists are using it and finding the results are incredible. Why not try it and cut down the time it takes to smooth out frizz .

Tropical Beach. Fake bake

Great for maintaining your sunless tan (does not contain SPF).

Helps prevents dry, cracked and flaky skin.

Use it before & after your sunless tanning products to moisturize and maintain your tan.


What about the men?

Use it when shaving or manscaping for that irresistible soft to the touch skin.

Refresh all day everyday. The smell and refreshing look and feel on your skin will become addicting.

In fact, all of the above. (Spoiler alert: Men use make-up and moisturizers too)

Easily slips in to your briefcase, gym or golf bag.



With a professional make-up career in TV and Film as extensive as Lisa’s, there’s a reason why you become the best in the business. Relentless, dedicated professionalism. With that comes a deep knowledge and understanding of people, products and procedure. After years of testing ideas, formulas, techniques and products (on kind, generous, sometime unknowing actors and talent) , Lisa discovered the missing ingredient was a moisturizer that could be effortlessly applied in conjunction with any other product, in any given moment to provide a professional, radiant and healthy glow instantly. It didn’t hurt that it also gave a sense of blissful relaxation (Which in the fast paced world of Film and TV is consistently appreciated).

With day to day life becoming more and more demanding, there is hardly time to indulge in luxuries between scenes, takes, work, commuting or family. We all deserve to stop once in a while, even for a moment. That’s where the Ultimate Moisture mist steps in…

….It’s permission to enjoy the moment in-between.

(No actors were harmed during the creation of this product. Reality stars however…)

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × .15 in

4 oz., 2 oz.


Cucumber Lime, Yuzu Bergamot

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