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The Ultimate Moisturizer is an innovatively formulated multi functioning hydrating spray which fuses together a unique blend of

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: nourishes and promotes healing of all skin types. Penetrating into deeper layers of the skin strengthening underlying tissues. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and restores radiance.
  • Silicone blend: diffuses lines and pores, giving a healthy glow to your skin without greasiness, providing a smooth and youthful appearance.
  • Japanese Green Tea and Restveratrol are anti oxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Botanical Complex: Aloe, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and Nettle all of these combined in one product to smooth, condition, calm, heal and rejuvenate.
  • Fruit Extracts from the Australian rainforest: referred to as SUPER fruit, are powerful Anti oxidants and skin conditioners.

Choose from 2 scents: Cucumber Lime: Adds Calming and soothing benefits or Yuzu (Asian fruit) Bergamot: Adds Hydrating, brightening, revitalizing benefits.   Easy to use...For Men and Women of ALL SKIN TYPE.

Multiple Uses:

  • For oily skin use alone. It is a myth that oily skin does not need a moisturizer. Perfect for oiler skin because it's lightweight and non greasy.
  • Normal or dry skin, incorporate with you regular regime.
  • Use before application of make- up as your primer to diffuse lines and pores. Allowing make up to go on smoother and stay on longer. Smashbox has the biggest selling primer and consist of all silicone.  
  • Use after application of make-up and throughout the day for extra hydration, to refresh and maintain a healthy and youthful glow. I have never had an actress or client sit in my make up chair and say' NO thank you' to a healthy youthful glow.
  • After showering all over face, body and hair for moisturizing and lasting radiance.
  • Saturate neck. Our face cream and body lotions stops at a part of our neck that is often overlooked and because this area is very thin and delicate it is more likely to show signs of aging quicker than other areas.
  • After any exfoliating treatment, chemical peel or laser, for instant soothing relief and healing.
  • During air travel to refresh and hydrate.


  • J Lo's hair stylist Lorenzo Martin uses the Ultimate Moisturizer on hair as a leave in conditioner. Works great to smooth out frizz leaves hair soft and easy to style.  
  • Use to shave face and/or body.
  • Use with your Sunless tanner, before as your primer and during to maintain your tan. Also helps tan fade evenly preventing the dry, cracked, dreaded lizard skin.
  • In your gym or golf bag to use before, during and after to cool off, refresh and hydrate.

Lisa Ashley Beauty products can be purchased from these locations:
- Naimes Beauty Supply in Studio City
- Nigels Beauty Suppy in N. Hollywood
- Frends in N. Hollywood
- RoxMedi Spas in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach
- J-Girl in Thousand Oaks, CA